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Since 2005, Mycom has helped public, private and non-profit organizations implement technology solutions that speed and simplify their operations. Our focus is in the design and delivery of innovative and leading technology solutions relating to Datacentre / Server Room implementation and fit-outs, Datacentre / Server Room environmental conditioning, Networking solutions, ICT and presentation equipment installations and power/data cabling infrastructure design and installation.

apc by schneider electricDatacenter / Server Room
To support core operations and business outcomes, the facilitation of a robust, high performing and highly available IT infrastructure is of critical importance. This IT layer needs to be underpinned by the facilitation of a secure, modular, scalable, reliable and environmentally efficient Datacenter / Server Room that not only meets regulatory and current business requirements but also provides headroom for future growth whilst maintaining required service and performance levels. Mycom can design and deliver a complete data center environment into a customer’s premises, or alternatively can remediate existing facilities to meet business requirements.
Mycom has a membership and/or affiliations with the following Datacenter analyst organizations:
• Uptime Institute
• Green Grid
• 451Group
• Tier 1 Research

commscope australia

Networking, Data, and Electrical Cabling
The provisioning of a highly available and performing infrastructure core is only one piece of a business’s ICT puzzle. The effective and efficient transfer of information across an organization’s environment is also a key consideration. Without the ability for information to efficiently transfer from one point to another, or having the physical and transport layers of a network as the bottleneck in data movement performance, an organization’s ability to offer product and services provided and hence achieve business goals is severely constrained.
Mycom extends its capability beyond the Datacentre /Server Room into the greater network by providing physical and data transport capabilities that are designed with the organization’s current and future needs in mind, providing a documented, well planned and configured, managed and efficient cabling and networking infrastructure to all parts of an organization.

ict equipment

Equipment Installation
Mycom offers an installation service for the full range of ICT and Audio Visual equipment, including racking and cabling of servers, networking, and storage infrastructure, or hanging projection systems, display panels and interactive whiteboard technologies. This service includes the physical installation, the data and electrical connections, start-up and connectivity testing, documentation and acceptance sign off.

apc by schneider electric dcim

Environmental Conditioning:  DCIM
Often an organization requires additional environmental controls added into a communication/computer room that is a sub-node to a main Datacenter / Server Room, or they may have a small computer room requiring remediation and future proofing from an environmental standpoint. Mycom can assess, design, install and maintain these environments using multiple air and environmental conditioning technologies.