Project Management

Mycom’s Data Centre Project Management Services can help you reduce capital spending and project delivery time.

Whether your project is as complex as implementing a new, generator, backup power strategy or deploying a new, ‘high-density’, equipment zone into your existing computer room or as simple as deploying an, IP-based, KVM system or replacing some access floor panels, Mycom will execute your project with same level of professionalism Mycom bring to every project.

Our goal is your satisfaction and Mycom understand that means delivering consistent implementation, effective communication and ultimately delivering the project on-time and within budget. Project management services include:
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  • Contractor Management
  • Data Centre Commissioning tests
  • Delivery Coordination
  • Equipment Installation Services
  • Data Centre Relocation Coordination
  • Information Technology Implementation Services
  • Connectivity Co ordination


It is the Cost of the Project – Not Just the Price of the Equipment Mycom performs a rigorous evaluation of all the data centre solutions. Our intent is to both verify their proper operation as well as evaluate their proper integration with other systems. Together, all of the data centre solutions must work, seamlessly, to provide you with ‘always available’ network services.

Through the many projects Mycom have been involved with, and the number of infrastructure solutions Mycom has implemented, Mycom has learned how to avoid the unanticipated costs that can derail your budget. At Mycom, we understand it is the cost of the project, not just the price of the infrastructure.

Mycom goes to great lengths to identify, evaluate, and recommend, the ‘best-of-breed’, product and services solutions, available today, for data centre’s and computer rooms. Mycom focus our efforts on identifying those data centre solutions that provide what we consider the most important attributes, Elements include:
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  • Modular
  • Scalable
  • Hot-swappable
  • 2N or N+1
  • Manageable
  • Easily Maintainable
  • Environmentally Efficient

Mycom has the confidence to recommend our data centre expertise because we have had the benefit of having previously deployed, installed, integrated, and tested Data Centre solutions.