Consulting Services

For many organizations, the modern IT environment is overwhelming.
Finding good professional advice, and selecting the best solution to meet your business needs is an ongoing challenge.

Mycom is highly qualified and experienced in delivering quality, independent support to ensure your business has the most appropriate IT infrastructure and systems. We can project manage your IT stakeholders and provide sound advice on IT policy and how it can improve business efficiency.

Our service includes a full IT system audit and comprehensive report:

  • Is your business gaining the maximum benefit from your current IT set-up?
  • Do you need to rationalize/consolidate all of your IT systems to improve efficiency?
  • Do you require changes to your internal IT policies and procedures?
  • Is your business in need of new IT INFRASTRUCTURE?
  • Is the IT cloud the right solution?

The advice provided by Mycom invariably results in a quick return on investment and Mycom is able to help with procurement advice and facilitation as well.

Business Requirements:
Mycom can help you through the technology hype if your business faces any of the following issues:

  • Regular downtime because of the failure of critical business systems.
  • Disparate systems not sharing information.
  • Poor data capture or process fit from business software.
  • Inability to access data securely when mobile.
  • Backup solutions letting your business down.
  • The complexity of technology solutions.
  • Difficulty cutting through hype from technology suppliers.
  • Difficulty in selecting appropriate technology solutions.
  • Staff training.

Always Understanding Business Requirements Before Implementing Any Technical Solutions.

Mycom Consulting Services currently addresses the need for Disaster Recovery and Information Security to be owned and managed by the business whilst making them simple to implement and manage.

Mycom Consulting Services when reviewing and implementing ether a Disaster Recovery, of an IT Security solutions, we look at it holistically from the Technical, and Business processes to make it work for the whole organization

Mycom Consulting Services works with our clients to ensure Disaster Recovery and Information Security programmes are implemented according to, best practices to meet the needs of the organization.

Our portfolio of services will help you solve your organizational challenges while maximizing your return on ICT investments.

Mycom offer Project Delivery, Programme Management, IT Strategy, Architecture Planning, Enterprise Procurement Services, as well as the following:

IT Infrastructure Consulting services include:

  • Business Continuity
  • Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Information Security


Managed Services:

  • Desktop Services
  • Environmental Management
  • Server, Storage Management
  • Service Desk

Physical Infrastructure Consulting services include:

  • Business Continuity planning
  • Data Centre Design and Engineering Services
  • Site selection
  • Security (Doors, Camera, access controls etc…)
  • Data Cabling design and installation.
  • Power design solution
  • Cooling design solution
  • Racking design solution